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Precious Riley  / Jessica M. (none)

I just wanted to offer my condolences to you and you're family.  I have watched the episode on the history channel and it broke my heart.  What a beautiful baby my thoughts and prayers are with you and you're family.  I believe that the story that you have shared with the world will make a difference and help raise awareness on child abuse.  Again my thoughts and prayers are with you.


She touched my HEART  / Veronica Uribe   Read >>
She touched my HEART  / Veronica Uribe
Dear Sheryl
 My heart goes out to you her father and ESPECIALLY Riley. Today is Juni 18th and ID is a channel i just started watching about 2 weeks ago. It seemed interesting and all the stories I watched NEVER was about a child! To tell you the truth after watching about Riley's story my heart just broke! I don't think I want to watch it anymore.... She is so pretty and I wish I knew her. I am 22 years old and I had a daughter in augustus of last year. Her name is Sessy and she is now 10 months old. She is my WORLD I can't imagine a MOTHER could do such a horrible thing! To watch it... see her face... hear her words telling you how she loves you... and then see her die in your arms im just devastated!!!! I cant stop crying for her and you I am SO SORRY for you and her fathers loss! It makes me so mad and sad to think how could it happen! Im glad there both in jail and they need to stay there! I would like to know how I can get a bracelet???? I would LOVE one to keep memory of her. I recorded the show but to watch it again would be hard... believe me I am going to share her story and remind younger woman who have a child to realize that our children are our lives and we should do anything in our power to keep them safe! I know just watching it makes me think about watching my daughter and making sure to remind myself that my daughter is my world and NO ONE or NO MAN will ever take her away from me. You both keep your head high even though I hate the fact that shes no longer here but Im happy shes in a better place then she was with those two EVIL people!
Veronica Uribe Close
Lovely Little Girl  / Irene (none)  Read >>
Lovely Little Girl  / Irene (none)
My heart goes out to you. As I was watching the show I cried so much.I could not believe the details of what happened to her.I'am a mother of two girls i cant imagine anything happening to them.Iam SO SORRY for your loss.My prayers go out to you and your family. Close
braclet / Jessica Rainwater (none)  Read >>
braclet / Jessica Rainwater (none)
Dear Sherly I just watched the FBI show and I am so sorry for your loss but was wondering how I can get a bracelet in oklahoma! Would love to have one to keep her memory alive! Please email me so I can get the info!!! Thank you and god bless you and your family! Jessica Rainwater Close
Beautiful Little Girl  / Kasey Racutt (None)  Read >>
Beautiful Little Girl  / Kasey Racutt (None)
Just saw the Investigation Discovery story of this case and I have a daughter almost the exact same age as Riley was. I can't stop crying at the horror of what that poor child went through in her last day of life and to think one of the last things she said to the people doing that to her "I love you" my stomach is just turning. What a horrible and deeply saddening event. I am profoundly affected by this how could you not be? RIP Riley be with God and know the world loves and misses you. And to you Sheryl and Robert and all of Riley's family my heart aches for you and your family and what you all went through. I know that nothing will make the pain go away but please know that your story has touched my life and I will never forget your story. Will give my little one an extra hug for Riley Ann. Kasey Close
I lift Riley and your family up in my prayers  / Rhonda Back (No)  Read >>
I lift Riley and your family up in my prayers  / Rhonda Back (No)

I first learned of the horrific death of this sweet little angel tonight and I have not been able to get her out of my mind. Her precious little face has imprinted on my soul. All I have been able to do since hearing this story is to cry and feel such pain within my very soul. It may be that my twin daughters are the same age as Riley but I think it more about just wishing that she would not have witnessed such ugliness within her short time on this earth. I lift Riley up in my prayers and will pray for your family everyday. My heart goes out to you and pray that God will give you some sense of peace despite this tragic loss.


Rhonda Back 

17 June 2011  / Nicole M. (Member of the public )  Read >>
17 June 2011  / Nicole M. (Member of the public )
Dear Sawyers Family I just watched Riley's story on ID. What a beautiful child and what an evil tragedy. I sobbed with you tonight. And yes Riley's memory will live on and people like me will resolve to be more vigilant and be more possessive of our community's children and their wellbeing. Well done on your efforts to get your message across Mrs Sawyers and thank you for opening your hearts to us. Rest in Peace precious baby girl. Nicole South Africa Close
tears for baby angel  / Kate Bizas (no relation )  Read >>
tears for baby angel  / Kate Bizas (no relation )
I just saw the story about Riley Ann. I'm heart broken and in tears. I don't know what to write. Just want to say I'm deeply sorry for the tragedy and loss of such a beautiful and cute baby girl. I can't even think about her hyena mother I'm mom of 15. months old boy and I was babysitting 6 kids over 11 years and I loved them all like mine I just can't understand how mother can harm her own child. Sorry Riley for all pain you went thru I hope you are with God and angels just like you. From now I will pray for you and I love you baby girl. Grandma. thank you for this web page that I can come here and see Riley's photos and put note in here. God bless you. Close
Sweet Little Girl  / Lorell Bailey (Friend)  Read >>
Sweet Little Girl  / Lorell Bailey (Friend)
I just watched the story on ID. So sorry for your loss. She was a pretty little girl. I hope her story stays alive and will save other children that suffer abuse. Thoughts and prayers sent your way. Close
Riley Ann  / Alysa Winters (No relation )  Read >>
Riley Ann  / Alysa Winters (No relation )
I am 21 weeks pregnant & recently found out that I am having my second little girl. Her daddy picked the name Riley Ann & when I told my aunt she told me the story of your little Riley Ann & asked that I not name my daughter that because of the horrible story that your little girl had to experience. I read the story & noticed that Riley passed exactly 3 years before the day I got pregnant with my little angel. I feel that it is some kind of sign & for that reason I have decided to keep the name Riley Ann as my daughter's name & I will keep your little princess in my thoughts & hope that maybe she will be my Riley's guardian angel. My thoughts & prayers are with your family. God bless! Close
sweet riley  / Jessica Wilkins (not realted )  Read >>
sweet riley  / Jessica Wilkins (not realted )
hi sweet riley i just dont get it why you were murdered but now you are safe in heaven   i know you never did anything to get killed but tis alll over Close
I Love U Riley Ann Sawyers And Miss U Every Day  / Angela Lingle (A Mother Who Cares )  Read >>
I Love U Riley Ann Sawyers And Miss U Every Day  / Angela Lingle (A Mother Who Cares )
To the family of sweet Riley Ann Sawyersi would like to start with im so sorry that i have failed to save Riley....Riley should be turning five tomorrow she is the same age as my first son who was born Aug. 12 2005.....I feel like i could have done something to have stopped it even thow i dont know her or the monster who calls herself Riley's motheri'v watched a dog give birth but that dont make it a mother....I would have died for Riley i get mad with God at time's for allowing this to happenbut with me being Mormon we belive that God gave us (free will) and there are something that God cant interfear with....He never stopped them from murdering his own son Jesusbut i know that he love's us all and so i keep praying for our sweet Angel's that are in pain and going threw there own abuse as i'm wrighting this....If at all Riley's grandmother or father happen to read this i am trying to contact yous mostly Riley's grandmothermy  e-mail is I'm trying to have child abuse laws changed and i need help doing soi wish that i was Riley's mom cause she would still be here Riley is beautiful and the photo of Riley and her grandmother cheek-to-cheek yous look like mother and daughter Riley's brother also look's like her......Again i'm so very sorry for your loss of a beautiful sweet little girlwho's soul was stolen from you's the MONSTER'S who did this will have there time of pain just not in this life.....And what i find really sad is eventhow sweet Riley was in pain she still had enough breath to tell them MONSTER'S that she loved themand i put my life on that Riley has forgiven them for what they did........ This is for Riley even thow i dont know you i LOVE and MISS you every day and i love my babies extra hard for youhoping that you feel my hug's and kisses...Have fun with your Angel friend's and (HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY SWEET RILEY ANN)XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Close
In memory of Riley  / Lawrence Connor   Read >>
In memory of Riley  / Lawrence Connor
My condolences and my prayers are with you. Close
MY CONDOLENCES  / Alma Mills   Read >>
I am sorry for the loss of your precious Riley one. My heart goes out to you. I pray the Lord will comfort you and cover you with his love. Love and Hugs Alma
Beautiful Baby Grace  / Angela Stolz (just a sad passerby )  Read >>
Beautiful Baby Grace  / Angela Stolz (just a sad passerby )

Baby girl Riley

My heart goes out to your family. I cannot understand why people are so cruel. What gives someone the right to say your time is up? I never knew you but I will never forget you sweetheart. So many people love you and I only hope that you are having so much fun in Heaven. I hope you find Baby Kelsey Caylee Haylee and all the other little angels. They would love to be friends with you. All of them except Haylee also were abused. Haylee drowned in a swimming pool. All of you beautiful little girls went too soon. Fly high with all the angels princess. One day you will see all your loved ones again.

To the family

I know that the pain must be so terrible for you. I will keep you in my prayers. I wish that I could build a stairway to heaven for you and bring her back. God bless all of you.

Please know....  / Heather F. (none)  Read >>
Please know....  / Heather F. (none)
... I think of your beautiful granddaughter every single day. I've never met you but I want you to know your little Riley's fate has touched me deeply. My daughter is 2 and every time I look at her I think of Riley and what that poor baby went through and to tell you the truth it haunts me what was done to her. I cry about this gorgeous little princess almost daily. What words can I say to console you there are none but please know that there are people in this world who sympathize for you and want peace for you and your family. I am so incredibly sorry this happened. She looked like she was such a sweetie pie. Close
Poor Baby  / Sarah Oliver   Read >>
Poor Baby  / Sarah Oliver

This story broke my heart.  I am so glad mom and stepdad are getting what they deserve.  I cried many tears and asked God how He could let this happen.  No words can describe how I feel about this and other abuse cases.  My son was two when this happened.  Mei you rest in peace Riley Ann; sweet girl. 


A loving mother of a 4 yr old.

From a heartbroken mommy in Florida  / Kim Fuller   Read >>
From a heartbroken mommy in Florida  / Kim Fuller

All the press about the piece of garbage #2 getting his life sentence has caused all the pain I felt for this child resurface. I am so angry and hurt because of what happened to this beautful innocent child that did not deserve to suffer. I have a little girl her age and I just can not even imagine without tears streaming down my face. In a way I am angry at God because I just don't understand why these things happen. Riley is so loved by so many people including myself. I hope your family finds some kind of solice in knowing how much your child was loved and how her life and death was touched by so many people. There is no punishment good enough for the mom or the piece of garbage she was with. Thank you for allowing me to express just a tiny peice of my emotions as it relates to this precious angel. I can only hope that God will make his will known to all of us someday.


Much love each and everyday

the Fuller Family Florida

God Bless Her Family  / MiMi Clark   Read >>
God Bless Her Family  / MiMi Clark

I have a grandson who lives with me.  He's 5 and he's my heart.

I cannot imagine the loss of a precious little one.  My thoughts and prayers are with her Daddy and his Mom and their family and have been since I first saw the sketch of Baby Grace.

I live in Houston and followed the trial of Kimberly Dawn Trenor and am following the trial of Royce Clyde Zeigler.   I will refer to them only by name as neither deserves a more familiar title.

To Riley's family -please know you have the support of SO many good people here on the Gulf Coast.  Everyday I read in the blogs how good people are horrified at the actions of the two that took Riley's life from this earth.    So many wonderful people offer prayers to Heaven where Riley is at peace and beautiful and waiting for Daddy and family to join her one day.

Those of us here on Earth are praying for justice to be served to the two animals that took her life then joked around at a company picnic a short time later.  We're also praying for justice for anyone here who was alleged family who did nothing to help Riley and did nothing when noticing she was missing for at least 3 months.

I hope and pray that your memories of this beautiful angel enrich your soul each day.

God Bless you and Keep you.  Riley is so lucky to have you!

Prayer for Riley Ann  / Jim Tierney (Fellow human being )  Read >>
Prayer for Riley Ann  / Jim Tierney (Fellow human being )

Mei God bless and keep Riley Ann in His eternal protection and happiness forever. Amen.

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