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I didn't know her, but I wish I did.  / Robert Sweeney (NONE)
Rest little girl....  I love you!  Rest
Still think about Riley "Baby Grace"  / Robert Borden   Read >>
Still think about Riley "Baby Grace"  / Robert Borden
My son Robert was born on the very same day (3/11/05) as Riley and as I watch him grow up I can't help but think of her and her sweet face in the pictures and videos. I live in Katy just west of Houston and remember the case vividly. When I think of what happened it still makes me so angry but the comforting fact for her family is to know that she is in heaven and an angel of God. Close
Precious Angel  / Dominica Lee (No relation )  Read >>
Precious Angel  / Dominica Lee (No relation )
I stayed home from work and the show of your beautiful Riley caught my eye. The story went beyond breaking my heart and I was in tears. My 4 year old did not see it with me but caught the ending and saw Riley. When she asked me I told her she passed away. My daughter smiled and said, "So she's an Angel with Jesus! She's ok mom so don't cry." It changed my mood to how wonderfully innocent children are and the special place I know they have in our hearts and in heaven. My prayers are with your family. God bless you. Close
Riley Ann condolence  / Alisha Jones   Read >>
Riley Ann condolence  / Alisha Jones
My name is Alisha Jones I am from vinton Ohio I just seen Riley Ann story on investigation discovery. As soon as the story started I was very emotional and had to see it through to find out who could do this to a beautifull baby girl. I have a 7 yr old daughter and could never imagine the pain u have felt. I cried as my heart broke for this wonderfull child and her family. I am so very sorry for ur loss. I think it's wonderfull that you are passing out braclets with her name to raise child abuse awareness it's something that is offen never seen untill it is to late. God Bess you and your family Close
Little Angel  / Laurence Bettez (None)  Read >>
Little Angel  / Laurence Bettez (None)
Hi, my name's Laurence, I'm from Montreal,Quebec,Canada. I was watching t.v when I saw this episode about Riley Ann. I was watching, eyes filled with tears. My boyfriend wanted me to switch, but I really wanted to see how it ended.I can't understand how it feels to lose a little girl like this, so beautiful, so precious. I can try to imagine, even if I know it's probably worse than everything I could imagine. Riley Ann, this little angel, did not deserved this. I'm writing this and I have this picture in my head, with her little dress with flowers (Easter 2007). This smile, these eyes. I will never forget her. I pray for you, Laurence xxx Close
Riley's angel  / Dominique Cauvin (none)  Read >>
Riley's angel  / Dominique Cauvin (none)

My heart and soul go to Riley. I wont forget you.

We will be awake to prevent and preserve the life of  little angels like you.   Love

Mrs / Kalai Govender (None)  Read >>
Mrs / Kalai Govender (None)
I am devastated and cannot stop thinking about what happened to Riley.My daughter was born on the 16/07/2007 and I look at her so differently after watching the programme.It breaks my heart that Riley had to endure such pain and suffering.I wish that here in South Africa,the police could be just as diligent in apprehending and convicting such criminals.To Riley's granny and dad,the pain of losing a child is unbearable but you must remember that she is now in a much better place then you or I. Close
My thougts for this little Ängel"!!!!  / Joyce Eva De Bruin (None)  Read >>
My thougts for this little Ängel"!!!!  / Joyce Eva De Bruin (None)

Dear grandmother and father,

I just saw the program of FBI. Criminal persuit and tho i am living in Holland, I had the feeling That i was close to you!!!!!!  My heart broke and like most people i can't believe parents can hurt such an innocent little angel and aspecialy the mother, but i am glad she got what she deserved, and that basterd of a man to! 

But unfortenatly that does not bring back your little angel and the pain must be unberable!

The FBI was great and the mann  that carried her to her restingplace, what a love for this little girl!

I hope with the love we all send you from all over the world that you and your son can live with the idea we all love her and think of her now. Altho it wil not take the pain away, we will be with you and put our arms around you when you need it!

With all our love, I seign

                                     Joyce Eva de Bruin!

shocked / Raymond Klos (none)  Read >>
shocked / Raymond Klos (none)

We just saw the show,Kerkrade Netherlands, and we are shocked,we cannot believe how they could do this to a 2 year old helpless girl.We have children of our own,4year girl and 6year boy.I hope something like this wil never happen again.

Riley Ann  / Gina Deal (caring stranger )  Read >>
Riley Ann  / Gina Deal (caring stranger )
Riley I am so sorry sweet girl that you had to endure such pain & cruelty in your short life. I really don't understand why God choose to give you to such a horrible parents. I believe that when God gives you children, you are in charge of those souls. you are to love, protect and teach them and raise them right.Your a sweet angel who lost her life much to soon. I am sorry your Mother failed to protect you. I am sorry your last moments on earth were so horrible!! Rest in God's hands now. Go find Caylee Anthony and play with her. She was killed by her Mother's hands also. May you & Caylee be at peace now. I can't wait to meet you both someday. Close
been Crying since I have seen the show!  / Ananya Anil (none)  Read >>
been Crying since I have seen the show!  / Ananya Anil (none)
I saw Criminal pursuit on 4/13/12. I couldn't believe what I have seen and heard. I have the same thoughts and questions that many people have.

Children are a gift from God. We are to protect and nourish them and teach them.

Even animals know how to protect their offsprings. They let anyone near their offsprings.

I have 3 kids, 2 are in their teens now 13 and 14 and one 5 yr old who will be six this July, she is just a year younger than Riley. It has been very hard for me to take this, all I have been doing is constantly think of the horror the little girl went through and how much she must have begged them not to beat her.

I believe in discipline but not in killing. The fear and thoughts that went through her, I can't fathom that. I still have to teach my kids manners. When Riley died, my little one just turned one, she is 5 now and still has to learn a lot. How did the man expect a 2 yr to know all the manners.

Why didn't the woman stop him when he was getting beyond control. She could have said, it is just a small thing and she will learn eventually and she could have left him when she realized that he was getting abusive.

How Ironic, she filed a complained about domestic abuse and went right into it and committed it herself, what a Shame! She is a shame to womanhood and motherhood!

She thought it was ok to beat her to death and throw her across the room like nothing!? and then go shopping like nothing happened! How could they (esp she) sleep knowing this has happened and that her innocent little girl is in a box in the shed? They led a "normal life for 2 months knowing that she and her husband killed her little girl. I can't imagine her getting pregnant again, what a shame!

I have been just hugging my little girl every time I think of Riley! How could a mother beat her little angel to death is beyond my understanding.

What makes me cry the most is that Riley told her " I love you"! didn't that break her heart?

When see my cry it breaks my heart, when I discpline my kids, the time they start crying I can't bear it. I still discpline them but my goodness nothing like that. If they fall and get little bruise or hurt I cry and panic, I am sure there are a lot of people like that.

Little Riley had die because of her PARENTS FAULT.

Riley Ann, although I have never seen you, I love you from the bottom of my heart, I have been thinking I wish I was there, I could have stopped it and held her when she said "I love you..."

Cannot that fact out of my head she saying "I love you" to her beaitng mom!

I love you Riley and above all Jesus Loves you! You are in a place where there is no more pain! Revelation 21:4

Love you Riley, when I see you in heaven, I want to hug you!

My thoughts and prayers go out to you  / Karen Gray (none)  Read >>
My thoughts and prayers go out to you  / Karen Gray (none)
I watched the story on your beautiful angel this morning and was heartbroken at your loss.  As a grandmother myself, I have raised my grandaughter for 15 years and know the love that you must have felt for this beautiful baby.  I cannot imagine the loss that you have felt but please know that I have said a prayer for you today and hope that the memories that you have today are only the ones that make you smile.  Close
I can't believe it  / Yaritsa Rodriguez (T.V viewer )  Read >>
I can't believe it  / Yaritsa Rodriguez (T.V viewer )
Hi my name is Yaritsa Rodriguez and found out about this case this morning on FBI: Criminal Pursuit. I can't believe that her own mother allowed that to happen and also hit her. a mother should be there to protect her daughter through everything. i hope her mother never leaves jail in life. this reminds me of the Nixzmary Brown murder, when her stepfather killed her and her mother helped. may this angel rest in peace. Close
Shocked / Debbie Mingo (None)  Read >>
Shocked / Debbie Mingo (None)
I just watched about Riley for the first time this morning via ID on TV. I feel so sick and shocked how could a mother could do to her child, I myself have a kid and ended up in tears all day long just to think about Riley. I am very sorry that you had gone through a very difficult time and I am sure you will have a continual grief for a long time!! May God comfort you much always and Riley is very much safer in God's hands. Debbie Close
ANGEL IN HAVEN  / Ivana Vidan (none)  Read >>
ANGEL IN HAVEN  / Ivana Vidan (none)
Hi,my name is Ivana Vidan, and I come from Croatia, little country in Europe. I hope that everyone hear about my country during the war. Last night I saw a documentary about your beautiful Riley and I just coudint beelive my eyes. I have two children, 6 and 3 years old and as mother I thing that may job is protect them from everything and everyone. I cant beelive that a mother would do such a horribile thing. I was born at March 11 also and from today I thing of her every day but specially on our birthday. I hope that God will answer to all Your preers and give You a strenth to continue whit Your life. Sorry for my English. Close
I cannot take this story out my mind  / Mihaela (None)  Read >>
I cannot take this story out my mind  / Mihaela (None)
Hy, I am from Romania, Europe. I so this horror yesterday, on tv. I instantely felt ill and I cannot forget it. She has the same age of my youngest doughter. I am deaply suffering since I so the story and I am constantely thinking of her suffering. I am imagining a different final, a happy one, when her mother is fighting for her life, and she is now a wonderfull little girl, plaing and smilling as I so on your pictures. Finaly, please excuse my writing errors, but english is not the language of our country. God bless you all you love her! Close
So sad  / Tammy Archer (None)  Read >>
So sad  / Tammy Archer (None)
Just watched fbi files here in england about riley ann and I think my heart has broken, beautiful little girls taken far to early from this world. Im shocked a mother could do that, myself and my husband have been trying for a baby for so long and would give up my life to protect my child if im lucky enough to conceive. My heart goes out to you and your family. They always take the true angels to early and leave the evil behind. She will have to live with this for the rest of her life and I pray her heart breaks every day for what she did to riley ann, hope riley ann has painted heaven in pink and purple xx and her memory lives on xx Close
little Angel of ours!  / Rebecca Fritz (mourner)  Read >>
little Angel of ours!  / Rebecca Fritz (mourner)
I too just saw the story on discovery channel. My condolences to you the grandma and baby Riley's father. I am raising my grand-daughter who was born in 2005 also. I have had her since she was heart goes out to you. Because, I know the love between a grandmother nd her grandkids are VERY SPECIAL. Close
little Angel of ours!  / Rebecca Fritz (mourner)  Read >>
little Angel of ours!  / Rebecca Fritz (mourner)
I too just saw the story on discovery channel. My condolences to you the grandma and baby Riley's father. I am raising my grand-daughter who was born in 2005 also. I have had her since she was heart goes out to you. Because, I know the love between a grandmother nd her grandkids are VERY SPECIAL. Close
i had to write this  / Lauren Armstrong (none)  Read >>
i had to write this  / Lauren Armstrong (none)
I watched a programme here in england last night called fbi files and this episode was about riley ann.I cried for three hours straight after I watched it. I was so upset that I searched on the internet for a site like this where I could leave my condolences. She was a beautiful innocent little girl so cruelly taken away.and you seemed to me to be such a fantastic grandmother who ensured her brief little life was full of love. God bless riley ann and the sawyer family. Thank you Close
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