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Riley / Stacy Lagace (None)
I am sending you a hug from our family to yours. I am so sorry for your loss of your Grand Daughter Riley. She was an angel. I saw her story on tv last night and i cant help but cry tears for Riley and your Family. I will light some candles in Rileys memory and pray that she soars high with her angel wings. Id like to offer you my most sincere condolances and i pray you can find happiness in your years without Riley. She was a Beautiful little girl and i know she is blowing you kisses every day from above. Take care, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Extending my condolences from Liverpool, UK  / Simon Alvani (Stranger)  Read >>
Extending my condolences from Liverpool, UK  / Simon Alvani (Stranger)
I have seen quite a few stories on Youtube regarding children whose lives were claimed by sheer human brutality. None of them affected me so much as Riley-Ann's story. I am so glad you had the courage to go to the authorities and ensure that justice was done in the end. In the photos I saw Riley-Ann appeared happy, healthy and well cared for. Take comfort in knowing that most of her short life would have been enjoyable. It's okay if you don't take the trouble to reply to me. I just wanted to add my voice in support. Close
sweet riley  / Mandy Batchelor (none)  Read >>
sweet riley  / Mandy Batchelor (none)
Hi my name is Mandy, I have just watched a programme over here in England called FBI Case Files about Riley, I am so so sorry for your loss, she was a gorgeous little girl. I love the bracelets with her name on they are so pretty, I love wearing bracelets like that, I hope you are still passing them out, I would've loved to wear one. So glad to see Riley's dad married with 2 little boys they would've loved there big sister. Once again I am so sorry for your loss, please stay strong and my thoughts are with you all. Kind regards Mandy xxx Close
god bless  / Amy Thompson   Read >>
god bless  / Amy Thompson
I am deeply upset by Riley's story. I've just watched the episode on the channel quest here in grimsby UK. Such a sweet little girl. The story truly touched me and I wish to send my love to Riley and her family. RIP little one god bless. Amy xx Close
Condolences from Singapore  / Colin Soh (-)  Read >>
Condolences from Singapore  / Colin Soh (-)

Hi there, I saw the case here in Singapore from the CI channel and is absolutely shocked and saddened by what has happened to Riley.

No words can describe that pain and loss that you must have felt.

Take heart that Riley's in a better place now. Be strong!

patience / Erkan Demir   Read >>
patience / Erkan Demir
Hello My name is Erkan.I'm from istanbul-turkey.I'm sorry about your loss. I watched on tv today. God give you patience Close
condolence / Paul Rogers (none)  Read >>
condolence / Paul Rogers (none)


My name is Paul Rogers, I have just watches your story on TV in England.


Firstly, i just want to say sorry for your loss, and that i sincerely believe that Riley is with your loved ones now, keep doing what you're doing Sheryl, raising awareness for those affected by child abuse. My daughter was took into care after her mother was abusive to her. She now lives with me, and my partner, safe and sound.


Fly high and shine bright brave and strong Riley. Watch over your grandma and father for us all.


yours sincerly,

Paul Rogers.


Beautiful baby girl  / Sarah Herbert (no relation )  Read >>
Beautiful baby girl  / Sarah Herbert (no relation )
Sweet Angel Riley I saw your story today . I cried for you like you were my own baby girl. My daughter is 20 months and it breaks my heart to imagine anyone hurting such an innocent little baby. Riley I know you're in Heaven in Jesus's arms smiling down on your loved ones . I know one day they will hold you again and watch you grow up in Heaven . God bless you always and your Grandma and loved ones. You have touched my heart forever . I love you sweet little one . Close
Just No Words....  / Dianne D. (none)  Read >>
Just No Words....  / Dianne D. (none)
I just saw Riley's story and I have to say, I'm completely stunned as to why her mother did not allow her father to have her. If she had so many mental issues, as clearly she must have to do such a horrible thing, why not have left her with her father to raise? This little girl needn't have died because of some whacknut who thought he was a bigger man than her father.

My heartfelt condolences to Riley's father and grandmother. This little girl was an angel who looked like she loved life and had a sweet little heart. Why anyone would have wanted to hurt her is beyond me. But then I don't understand child abuse. I don't understand why grown people want to take their frustrations out on a small child. Riley's story like that of Caylee Anthony, the Yates children, Alexander and Michael Smith, JonBenet Ramsey just prove there is no care for these little ones. And again I have to wonder why Riley's mother did not allow Riley's father and grandmother to raise her if she didn't want her, which clearly she didn't if she allowed someone so evil to do this. I'm trying to come to grips with such inhumanity in this case. I just don't get it. Close
a beautiful angel  / Miranda Bowen (not related )  Read >>
a beautiful angel  / Miranda Bowen (not related )

I saw this story first on a show on the ID channel. I watch a lot of murder shows. I have a high tolerance for stuff like this. But when I saw this show, I was haunted. I couldn't stop thinking about her for three or four days. I was so emotional. I just couldn't fathom how a mother could not only stand by and let something like this happen but also par take in the actions. I was (AM) horrified. I still feel sick inside when I think about this. I don't know why this story bothers me more than any other I have ever heard or read about, (I have heard a lot of these types of stories). This story for some reason touches me deeply. I don't know if perhaps I saw her pics and saw her innocence, or what but like I said the story bothered me for days after I saw it. I literally had to pray for some peace in my soul. I thought to myself if I feel like this, then I cant imagine what her dad or grandma feels.

  Anyway I certainly didn't mean for this to be about me. I just wanted to say that her pain is felt. I pray that her closest family and loved ones have found some peace. God Bless!

   To Riley, I don't know you but I love you. You will be remembered always! I know you are happy now in Heaven.

 Your  memory will live on forever!!!!

Rest in peace beautiful angel  / Malyssa Maginley (Not related )  Read >>
Rest in peace beautiful angel  / Malyssa Maginley (Not related )
My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. I saw this broadcasted on tv roughly 20 minutes ago! My heart broke in the beginning of the show when they said it was a little girls body in that bag. I couldn't change the channel, I had to know what happened. She was a very beautiful little girl... And she was taken from her family far too soon! It broke my heart even more when i realized that she passed away 6 days before my daughter was born!From this day forward, Riley and her family will always be in my thoughts and prayers! Close
so sad  / Biljana Djordjevic (no relation )  Read >>
so sad  / Biljana Djordjevic (no relation )
I cry evry time when I see the picture of Riley especially the picture of her 2 birthday,she was so happy,few months later she died,I wonder why terrible things happen,she was so beatiful,I can't express how sorry I am,i hope she found consolation in heaven Close
Princess / Chloe Evans   Read >>
Princess / Chloe Evans
I'm ever so sorry for your loss she is a pretty little girl, watched the programme tonight. X x x Close
Deepest Sorrow for your loss  / Sue Tandoc   Read >>
Deepest Sorrow for your loss  / Sue Tandoc

Dear Ms. Sawyers,

I am so very sorry for the unthinkable loss of your precious granddaughter, Riley Ann. I learned of the case back when she was Baby Grace and the case has never left me. I can only hope that she is at peace in Heaven.

I have two young sons, ages 4 and 2. In memory of Riley, we will do random acts of kindness each year on July 24, as a small attempt to pay tribute to her.

God Bless you, your son and your precious Angel.

Sending hugs and prayers.


little angel  / Biljana Djordjevic (none)  Read >>
little angel  / Biljana Djordjevic (none)
When I saw the story about Riley  I cry and I could not sleep that night,I think about this little angel evry day,this story deeplz touched me on the other part of the world,I think of Riley evry day,i hope she will find in heaven consolation for suffering on earth

sorry about my bad english Close
My sweet baby rest in peace  / Cecilia Sanchez   Read >>
My sweet baby rest in peace  / Cecilia Sanchez
I didn-t know you but I think of my own son when I saw you story in Ecuador yesterday...I have cried all night long thinking about all the moments you and your family lost...but I know deep in my heart that you are in a better place with God taking good care of you and giving peace to the hearts of your baby fly.... Close
Sweet baby girl  / Amnda Singleton (none)  Read >>
Sweet baby girl  / Amnda Singleton (none)
I am so sorry for the pain you suffered for your short time on earth. You are truly a brave and courageous little girl. Love you! Close
Wish i could hold you precious little angel.  / Nicole Barlow   Read >>
Wish i could hold you precious little angel.  / Nicole Barlow
I watched the FBI special last week. I have not been able to stop thinking about it since. I have read "a child called it." I have hear about various cases of child abuse, but nothing has ever touched me like this. I am a mother. I have a 19 month old little girl with blonde curly hair and blue eyes. Riley Anne very much resembles her. I cant imagine hurting my baby. I thought about what i would do if anyone, even my husband, tried to hurt my daughter. I would kill them with my bare hands. I cant stop thinking about baby Riley. Wishing I could do something to change what had happened. Thinking about how grateful i would have been to have her as a daughter and how I would have given her so much love that she deserved and more. To be so personally touched by her story has me feeling compelled to do something to stop child abuse. I feel like I wont be able to be at peace until i make a difference in the name of Riley. I know that this beautiful angel is with god and he is comforting her with love. She is there where no one can hurt her anymore, where one day she will be reunited with her loving father, grandmother, and the rest of her family. I also know he will bring punishment to the wicked demons that hurt her. I dont know you Riley Anne, but i wish i had, and I love you as if you where my own. Rest in peace angel Close
She is remembered...  / Brandy Beyers   Read >>
She is remembered...  / Brandy Beyers
I just saw Riley Ann's story on a repeat of FBI: Criminal Pursuit. I can't imagine the depth of your loss and want you to know that Riley Ann will be remembered. Close
My Heart  / Carl Edgell (None)  Read >>
My Heart  / Carl Edgell (None)
I just got my Daughter back after searching for 15 very long years she is 17. I watched Riley's story on TV.I hand my heart to her Family and Mostly her Father.I am a very strong Man but just cannot say how much you folks have my heart and Prayers for such a beautiful little girl.A saying on my front Porch says and I quote.Angels walk beside us across the stepping stones of Life. God bless you. Close
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