Riley Ann Sawyers
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March 11, 2005

Came into this world on March 11, 2005. Daughter of Robert Thomas Sawyers & Kimberly Dawn Trenor.

July 24, 2007

Her mother Kimberly Dawn Trenor and stepfather Royce Clyde Zeigler murdered Riley on this date.  She was 2 years old.

October 29, 2007
Container found by a fisherman on an island in Galveston Bay containing the remains of Riley Ann Sawyers.  She was named "Baby Grace" as her identity was unknown at the time.
November 5, 2007
Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch along with about 100 other people hold a memorial for "Baby Grace".  A cross made by Tim Miller was placed on the island where her remains were found.
November 24, 2007

Kimberly Dawn Trenor and Royce Clyde Zeigler are arrested in connection to the murder of Riley Ann Sawyers.

November 29, 2007
A new plaque is placed on the cross on the island where she was found.  The new plaque reads "In Loving Memory of Riley Ann Sawyers" replacing the one that identified her as "Baby Grace."
November 30, 2007
DNA results verify that Riley Ann Sawyers is "Baby Grace"
December 12, 2007
Grand Jury of Galveston County hands down an indictment of capital murder on Kim Dawn Trenor and Royce Clyde Zeigler.  It took less than 3 minutes for the grand jury to come to the decision.
December 19, 2007
Sheryl A. Sawyers (Grandmother) and Robert T. Sawyers (Father) visit the neighborhood in Spring, Tx. where Riley Ann Sawyers lived while she was in Texas.
December 20, 2007
The Sawyers family (Sheryl and Robert) visit the island where Riley's remains were found.
January 8, 2008
The Judge releases the remains of Riley Ann Sawyers to the family for burial.
January 14, 2008
Riley's body arrives home on the private jet of businessman Walter Breathwit of Texas accompanied by Galveston County Sheriff and Texas Equusearch.
January 15, 2008
Family,  Friends and complete strangers who were touched by her story pay their last respects to Riley Ann Sawyers at Monreal Funeral Home in Eastlake, Ohio.
January 16, 2008
Riley Ann Sawyers is laid to rest at Mentor Municipal Cemetary. Her funeral mass was held at St. Bede the Venerable in Mentor.  Fr. Tom Johns officiated.  Great Uncle Mike Nebelski gave the Eulogy.  Pall bearers were Greg Hayes, Jimmie Gillane, Mike Barry, of Galveston County Shefiff's Dept.  And Don Gay of the FBI.
March 11, 2008
Today on what would have been the third birthday of Riley balloons were released from different cities across the United States, and even in Kuwait to celebrate her life.
March 17, 2008
The island that Riley was found on is officially named "Riley's Island"  A large wooden sign bearing the name of the island was erected by Kenny Stewart of Alvin, Tx one of the owners of the island.
April 17, 2008
Kurt Sistrunk, Galveston County Prosecutor makes the announcement that he is not going to seek the death penalty in the case against Kimberly Dawn Trenor or Royce Clyde Zeigler II.
July 24, 2008
Today a bench was dedicated by my family and my circle of friends.  The bench is located in Menard Park in Galveston Texas. BACA attended as well as some law enforcement. 
February 3, 2009
Jury in Galveston Texas found Kimberly Dawn Trenor guilty of the murder of Riley Ann.  She was sentenced to life in prison without parole.  It took the jury less than 2 hours to reach a verdict.
May 2009

A trial date of October 19, 2009 has been set for Royce Clyde Zeigler II for his part in the death of Riley Ann Sawyers.

July 24, 2009
This is the 2 year anniversary of her death.  We marked this date by releasing balloons from the graveside.  It was not a large function just myself and my son "Uncle Ray" my brother Mike  and a few close friends. 
August 6, 2009
On this day a group of people from Texas Equusearch and BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) made the trip out to the island where Riley was found to replace the cross that Hurricane Ike blew away.  Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch made this cross just as he had the first one.  TinMan from BACA said that they will replace it as many times as necessary to keep her memory alive so that other children will be saved.  I Love You Guys.  You are my heros.
November 6, 2009
Royce Clyde Zeigler II was convicted today of murder and was sentenced to life without parole.  This is hopefully the end and I will not have to go through any more trials.  Many thanks to all that helped bring this to a close and to the verdict we all wanted.  Galveston County Sheriff Office FBI Houston PD and of course Kurt Sistrunk and Kayla Allen.  You are all my heroes.
All through this horrible ordeal
I want to acknowledge here my wonderful "Circle of Friends".  We are a group of women and men who met initially on the "Baby Grace site.  All of these women and men have been my rock all through this ordeal.  They have been there when I was at my lowest and helped to support me.  They would listen to me vent, and would cry along with me.  They are a wonderful group.  I have not personally met all of them, but the have all been there for me.  They are from all over the United States, and also from outside the U.S.  I don't know that I could have made it through all of this without their help.  I love you guys.
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